We're fixing potholes

NYCC have received an extra £3.28million from the Government to repair potholes on North Yorkshire's roads.

Members enjoy an evening with Jacob Rees-Mogg

Party Members from across the constituency enjoyed an evening with Jacob Rees-Mogg MP. The Annual Dinner saw hundreds of members get together to enjoy each others company and raise funds for the party and its future campaigns.

Rishi Sunak selected as Parliamentary Candidate

Rishi Sunak has been formally adopted as the Conservative candidate to fight the Richmond (Yorks) constituency.

Mr Sunak, who has served as the area’s representative in Westminster since 2015, was unanimously adopted by the Richmond Conservative Association to be its candidate.

North Yorkshire County Council Campaign

We'd like to offer a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in the County Council Elections in recent weeks. Huge numbers of leaflets have been delivered and many doors have been knocked. All of this would not have been possible without the help of our members and volunteers.

A great time had with Nicky Morgan MP at Barkers

Association Members recently enjoyed an evening with Nicky Morgan MP at Barkers department store, kindly hosted by Charles Barker. As well getting an insight and update on the working of parliament members enjoyed a fashion show and an exclusive Christmas Shopping Opportunity.

Stephen Wyrill elected to Richmondshire District Council.

The Conservatives gained a seat on Richmondshire District Council last night after a long and impressive campaign. Stephen Wyrill was elected as the new Councillor for Catterick Ward and thanks go to all those who helped with the campaign. 

Beer launched in celebration of William's Career

As you will be aware we have celebrated Wiliam's 26 years as our MP in a number of ways in recent months. Perhaps one of the most interesting and unique way has been in production of his beer "Smooth Hague" which William was presented with at the annual big quiz.  The aptly named beer claims to be as sharp as his wit and as smooth as his head. William, who is known to enjoy a pint or two, was presented with the beer; bottles of which boast a caricature of the statesman with a shiny, but possibly slightly over-sized head. After sampling the beer, Mr Hague commented “I am extremely impressed by this beer named in my honour. The North Yorkshire Brewery have done a fantastic job as always and I hope many people will take the opportunity of enjoying this fine beer.”The beer has been put together with the help of North Yorkshire Brewery and can be purchased by individuals online It’s also available by cask for bars or clubs.

Parliamentary Campaign well & truly underway!

With our candidate selected our General Election Campaign is well & truly underway. Rishi is out & about almost everyday, working his way around the constituency meeting people and getting to know their issues. More information about what Rishi's been upto can be found on his website.